Specs for the RC Ignitions G62 Conversion
Type: 2-Stroke
Displacement: 3.80 cu in (62.0 cc)
Bore: 1.90 in (47.5 mm)
Stroke: 1.40 in (35.0 mm)
Cylinders: Single - Chrome Plated
Engine Weight
(w/prop nut & washer):
4lb 3oz
(Stock G62 weighs 4lb 9oz)
Stock Muffler Weight: 9 oz.
Prop Range: 20x10 - 24x8
RPM Range: 2,000 - 8,500
Gas/Oil mix
Muffler Type: Stock or any Aftermarket
G62 Muffler
Cylinder Type: Ring
Carb Type: Walbro HDA-48 D
Crank Type: Ball Bearing
Ignition: Electronic – Mechanical Advance or Electronic Advance options
Battery: 4.8v – 6v NiCad
(500mah or more)
Making a great engine better

The RC Ignitions G62 Conversion is a standard Zenoah G62 2-stroke gasoline engine that has been modified with electronic ignition, a custom cup mount with integrated ignition module and a few other minor modifications. The custom electronic ignition module is completely encased in a strong aluminum cup mount pre-installed on the back of the engine.


A standard RCA Audio Cable is used to connect the ignition to your battery. Any NiCad of 500mah and up will run the engine for approximately 2 hours. The ignition will accept a 4.8v or 6v battery source with no regulator required. This engine is available in 2 different configurations, one with the automatic electronic timing advance (as shown), or with a standard mechanical timing advance mechanism.

A custom carb block replaces the stock one to rotate the carb for easier throttle linkage in aircraft applications. Therefore, the throttle linkage is already set up for a straight shot back to the firewall and includes a ball-link linkage pre-installed, ready to go. Another advantage of this custom carb block is that it is only 3/8" thick, about half of the thickness of a stock block, allowing you to squeeze into tighter cowl restraints.

The choke lever is stock and provides for a straight shot out the side of the cowl, unless you decide to modify with your own preferred bellcrank and linkage to change the line of pull. The custom prop shaft/hub can be made to whatever length you require. The average shaft provides a distance of 6-5/8" from firewall to spinner backplate.

Initial observations of this engine is that it appears to be of very high quality as it starts with the bullet-proof reputation of the Zenoah engine line, and is further enhanced with some high-quality engineering and features from RC Ignitions.

At approximately 6 ounces lighter than the stock Zenoah G62 (Magneto), the engine already provides more power to weight ratio than its stock counterpart. Add to that the easier starts and smoother idling traits of an electronic ignition and you have a great combination. Many satisfied customers have made claims that the engine simply runs smoother, stronger and faster than any G62 on the market today.

Here's another big plus with this conversion engine... warranty. There is a lifetime guarantee on all ignition parts and mount, including crash damage! While it does not cover the Zenoah components, RC Ignitions will straighten cranks for $40 plus shippping.

So far I am extremely pleased with what I see and can’t wait to get this engine installed and give it a try. If all goes well, I expect that this could prove to be the “no-brainer” standard for warbird and scale airplanes in the G62 class. And, with the strong power, smooth running and 6oz lighter weight than the stock G62, it is a very serious contender for those flying Sport and 3D planes in the 50-60cc class.

Pricing Information

G62 w/stock muffler and
Mechanical Timing Advance - $500

G62 w/stock muffler and
Automatic Electronic Timing Advance - $525

Convert your existing/supplied G62
Includes mount, ignition and carb rotator block - $175

RC Ignitions Contact Information

RC Ignitions
928 635 2455

Email: rc@rcignitions.com

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