Oct 5, 2006

About "Paint & Detail"

Before we begin, let me explain what you can expect from this section of the site. I'll begin with the "glassing" of the plane (surfacing with fiberglass cloth) as I feel it is actual a step paint preparation more than construction.

I'll follow my usual techniques of utilizing waterbased products whenever possible throughout this section. While I'll be using the same materials I always have for glassing, I'll be trying out some new products in the painting and detailing pages.

Once I've gotten through the glassing, primer and putty stages, I'll proceed with surface detailing, panel lines and rivets. I'll also show the creation of other functional details, final painting, decals, weathering and clear coat application.

Be sure to check back soon as I'm sure you'll find this section of the web site to be even more interesting and helpful than the previous section. This is when the "cool stuff" really starts happening!



"glassing the airframe"

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