Competitions, Events and Fly-ins

Here you'll find the pics and scoop on my SBD missions. I'll cover competitions, fly-ins and other events here on this page as I take 41 Sniper out into battle.

2004 Weak Signals RC Expo - Toledo, OH

On April 2-4, 2004 I took my SBD to the Toledo RC Expo for its first competition and public showing. My dad and my best friend Dave joined me for three days of fun and helped me watch over my plane during the show. Here's how I did in my first competition ever...

FIRST PLACE - Military Sport Scale

The First Place in Military Sport Scale won me a complete JR radio system and an autographed warbird painting by Internationally acclaimed artist Ron Suchiu.


The Best of Show award was special this year, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Bros first flight. It's a solid gold replica of the Wright Flyer encased in a beautiful glass cabinet... appraised at over $10,000 dollars!

The Expo/Contest

Awards Won