2002 Photo Galleries


2002 Dayton Giant Scale Fly-In
Toledo, Ohio

This trip was one of the funnest things I've ever been to. All the big names were there... Frank Noll, Matt Steck and a bunch of other Team Futaba 3D pros. Lot's of sweet scale planes and warbirds too.

The 3D demos were awesome and the warbird battle/bomb-run thing was really cool to see. The most impressive thing for me was watching 8-time Fun Fly World Champion Jerry Smith (Team Futaba) fly his 125+ mph Outlaw. That thing was breaking the laws of physics and every eye was glued to it the whole time!

Finishing up the day was a flying Snoopy saucer, an RC witch and a streamer combat demo... that was a real hoot too.

2002 Weak Signals Toledo Show
Toledo, Ohio

Here are just a few of the photos we took of some of the planes we saw at the Toledo Show. This is the biggest RC trade show in the world and takes about 2 days to see it all. We decided to just throw up a few pics of some of the planes that interested us for one reason or another.

There was some awesome craftsmanship there and anybody who's anybody in the RC vendor arena.

2002 LCRC Invitational Fly-In
Newark, Ohio

Here some of the photos I shot at our club's 2002 fly-in. It was a great first time fly-in for our club and we enjoyed the company of some of the best planes and flyers in the country.

Visiting us from out of town was Greg Poppel from Team Futaba and legendary plane designer Miles Reed with his drop-dead gorgeous Oracle BiPlane. You can see more photos from the event at the LCRC web site.

Here's my dad with
his two gliders.