Bitten by the RC bug
In the Spring of 2002, I was introduced to the hobby and sport of Radio Control Aircraft by a couple good friends. I started out with small electric park flyers like most people do, and a good bit of time on a computer flight simulator. By the end of the summer I had gotten into small "glow-powered" combustion engine aircraft and was hooked for good. By 2004 I had built a number of planes and took the plunge into giant scale aircraft flying with 2-stroke gasoline engines. My interests vary quite a bit from small electric "foamy" planes to big "3D Aerobatic" planes to highly detailed scale warbirds. Follow the links on this page for more specific information on my interest in the sport of RC Aeronautics... both building and flying.
Here is where I try to keep you updated on what planes have come through my hangar, from the little fellas up to the big boys. This is where you can find links to my past product reviews, research and testing articles, and various tips and techniques as I come across them.

Click links below to access various photos from past flying seasons.

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Misc RC Gallery

SBD Dauntless
This was my first attempt at a competition scale warbird and my first big gasser. I was fortunate enough to win 1st place and best of show with this bird in my first competition, but unfortunately lost her on her maiden flight.

Scale Technique Tips

Static Props Scratch building a
3-blade prop for
static display.

What's new?

Latest Project

My latest project was an "FW190 A-7" built from a Jack Devine Models kit. Building began the last weekend of Jan 2006 and the maiden flight was conducted in the Fall of 2010. Be sure to check out my build site, "Black 3" to see how it all came together!.


My Latest RC Videos

"BOOM!" - 3D Montage Video
This is a compilation video that I did showing some flights over a few years with three of my favorite 3D planes.

"THIS IS THE SLAM!" - Yak 3D Parkflyer
This AirFoilz "Yak" product review page that I did for has my
video at the bottom.

Stinger video"GETAWAY CAR" - Stinger Pylon Racer
This was a video I did for the TopModel "Stinger" product review I did for

Stinger video"BLACK 3" - Maiden Flight of FW190
This video shows the maiden flight of my 1/5 scale FW190 WWII Fighter... Not a pretty landing but still a success.

Stinger video"41 SNIPER" - Fateful Maiden Flight of SBD
This video was of the only flight of my award-winning WWII SBD Dauntless... she will be sorely missed. :-(


Two New EDF Jets Added to the Fleet!

My two newest "foamie" planes are both powered by electric ducted fans (EDF) and are really fun to fly. One is a Phase 3 F16 Falcon and the other is a StarMax F5 Swiss Tiger. The F16 is one of the best RC purchases I've made yet. The F5 shows great promise but has some electronic gremlins I have to iron out first.

Check them out here.

My Shop

I spent most of my summer and early fall of 2005 building a new workshop and office, so I would have a great place to work on any future projects right at home. The shop includes a great 4x8 building table, 6 foot counter and cabinets and a lot of new tools to facilitate the building process.

I've also got my "office" and computer right here in the shop so everything is right here together allowing me to jump on the net and keep the lines of communication going while deep in a project! Click on the image at left to see my shop.